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美國佐治城大學 (Georgetown University)於1970年代初創立的Street Law項目,由法學院的學生指導當地中學生法律概念及司法系統。時至今日,Street Law已發展成為普及全球的法律教育項目。

Street Law Hong Kong 希望在香港推廣這種教學法,將法律知識以創新互動的形式傳授給香港不同的社群。我們希望藉此激發普羅大眾對法律知識的渴求,改變香港社會對法律知識的固有想象,明白法律知識並非遙不可及,從根本改變香港的社區法律教育模式。

The Street Law methodology was first conceived in Georgetown University in the 1970s, which involved training college students in teaching local high school students basic legal concepts and knowledge. Nowadays, Street Law has developed into a legal education programme with a global presence.

Street Law Hong Kong hopes to further promote this methodology in Hong Kong. We aim to bring legal knowledge using innovative methods to different communities in Hong Kong, with the goal of empowering laymen’s ability to acquire legal knowledge on their own.

Through such methodology, we hope to transform existing social perceptions about legal knowledge and letting laymen understands that legal knowledge is not a professional monopoly, therefore fundamentally changing HK’s community legal education.


Mr. Samuel Lau
Social Entrepreneur

Mr. Alan Lau
Qualified Solicitor, HKSAR

Ms. Pris Ngai
Education Professional


Mr. Chong Yiu Kwong
Senior Lecturer, Department of Education Policy & Leadership, The Education University of Hong Kong

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